If you are interested in taking part in this years sansa_sandor fic and art holiday exchange there is a sign up sheet up now. Everybody is welcome to join in, the more the merrier. If you have any questions feel free to message me on tumblr or LJ.

The comm is very friendly and there are a few different writing memes held throughout the year. Hope to see you there : )


My Little Bird by SnittyCakez


And the winner of the first prize in my Sansan giveaway is Eyesofmist!

I was so excited to see your number come up because you are one of the very first people I followed on Tumblr! You will receive both a digital as well as the original work courtesy of Metalshell which I know is far more beautiful in person! Congratulations!!!

Thanks to everyone who reblogged. There will be another prize opportunity coming up tomorrow so stay tuned!


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Resquested by a lovely person whose message I’ve lost

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I’ll make a match with someone who is worthy of you, someone who is brave, gentle and strong. - Ned Stark

On a Man’s Name Day


Oops, I slipped on my keyboard and wrote a smutty thing:

On a Man’s Name Day

Sansa and the Hound go for dinner and a show… kind of.”

It ended up a lot longer than On a Woman’s Name Day… ;D

SSFF xxxx



Soo since this community has been so good to me, I’ve decided to celebrate an important milestone in my life with a Sansan giveaway! 

I’ll  begin by giving everyone who reblogs this post the opportunity to win this fabulous work depicting the "Unkiss" from Metalshell, aka Nachan on DA. Thank you my dear, this is just gorgeous! Please do check out her other works, she truly is a fantastic artist.

I ask that you please reblog to a reasonable degree, for while I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, we don’t want to bother our followers with overkill, so to speak.

On September 17, I will use a random number generator to select a winner of both the digital and traditional watercolor versions of this work. To participate, I only ask that you already follow me or bighound-littlebird and that the rights to this commission please be respected. 

More prizes will follow for the rest of the month. Enjoy the Sansan goodness my lovelies!

Today is the big day! I’ll announce the winner at 12 pm PST!


You promised me a song, little bird. Have you forgotten?” 

Sandor x Sansa for ladyavenger

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